Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God's Delay Is Not God's Denial

God's Delay Is Not God's Denial
Have you been praying for a long time and it seems that God is some where out there answering everybody's else prayers. Here is a word from God to you.

Zacharias and Elizabeth were God's servants. Elizabeth was barren. I am sure she felt very sad when she looked at the smiling faces of moms and dads as they played, talked and fellowshipped with their children. Right now, at this moment, what is it that others have that you wish you had. Single men and women do you need a partner? Barren women do you need a child? Pastors do you need funds for the ministry?

Did Zacharias and his wife get angry with God and leave the ministry? Some of you Pastors have been praying for a long time and are now ready to give up. God is saying to you today. Hold on. My delay is not my denial.

As these servants of God continued to pray and to do service for the Lord, one wonderful day an angel appeared to Zacharias with the good news that his wife was going to have a baby. Stay with me for a while here. Some one is about to get his/his break through. If this is you, start praising God Now.

As I pondered this in my heart. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that God's delay was for a reason. He could have answered them the very moment that they prayed. But no, He had a bigger plan than what they wanted. He had John the fore runner of His Son before the foundation of the world waiting to be manifested at His appointed time.

As a child of God, He has a bigger plan than you are expecting. Wait on Him in Praise and worship and it will be manifested in His appointed time.

A word from the Lord.